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Psalm 19 Ministries will have their next Friday Fellowship on March 5, 2021. 

The following is written by our Lead Pastor, Iris Godfrey.

You will notice we are delaying our beginning in 2021 is for the following reasons, all of which are working together to give a break for a couple of months.

1. COVID 19 - Our break in meetings, is first of all to allow this new outbreak to end and the whole infectious climate to come to an end.  

2. I believe the prophets - Everyone knows the Covid situation has been a shaking of the world and of the Church. The prophets have urged, and I believe them,  it is wise to take time to listen to our Lord and get from Him how we are to proceed with our Friday Meetings. They are very profitable in the lives of those who come, and I want to be able to continue to minister the Word - How He leads us. If it is in the same way - the so be it, if it is in change - then so be it. The time is needed for my Board of Directors, Co-teachers, Associates, and personel to all have time to pray and hear and then to move together in His vision with His conviction of our purpose and appointment. That has not wavered - we just want to know how He wants Psalm 19 to be ordered. Time with Him will only enhance what the calling is. 

3. January and February are very dark and cold in Central New York, and it seems best to encourage folk to rest and stay safe instead of being out on our roads during these two months. 

4. I need a rest - so I will use this time to rest deeply and to hear the Lord. Our facility will still be open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am - 1 pm. Glynda Spencer will be tending to the office and phone during those hours. I will be there as I can be. Feel free to call her for prayer. 

Please note: I will be recording some short teachings - primarily for Facebook during this season of rest and I will plan on placing them here. 

In the meantime, you can always go to YouTube (Iris Godfrey) and hear hours and hours of our videos with Iris, Cindy Rosenau, and Lauren. Be blessed. 

Christmas Celebration - December 18, 2020 

Thank you for remembering us while we could not have our regular meetings. If you have been a part of us during that time, please pray about continuing to be a part of all that we do through your financial support. It is deeply appreciated and used to further His gospel of the Kingdom!

Whether the Word is discovered in “book” or electronic form - it is still the all   empowering, embracing grace of Jesus Christ proclaimed for all of mankind.Enjoy more videos on YouTube and if you wish to contribute funds during this time please do so through the PayPal button on the Donations page. Thank you for being a part of the Lords Faithfulness. 

Join us as we study and fellowship together in this grace and love. On this site you will find many pages (more developed all the time). Please enjoy them, learn and let us hear from you if we can be of assistance in your study of the Scriptures. 

Rev. Iris Godfrey, Founder and Lead Pastor, is our primary teacher. Others within the ministry also teach various classes and outstanding Bible teachers in the Body of Christ are often invited to participate as well. Join us.

The word of the Lord restores, makes wise, rejoices the heart, enlightens the eyes and is more to be desired than honey.

This we believe and teach. 

© Psalm 19 Ministries 2020