Psalm 23:5 Lord, You prepare a Table before us in the presence of our enemies. You ANOINT our heads with oil so our cups can runs over.......

Anointed people are those who have the unction, like a gushing of the Holy Spirit. You can tell when they come straight from God's presence, from drenching themselves in the oil of God. They have spent time with Him because they have the perfume of prayer on them and they have a great attitude. They release the Fruit of the Spirit, and the aroma is so beautiful that it drips the fresh River of Healing, of Love, of Grace, and Forgiveness. This steady stream becomes a vessel for the anointing to flow through which we do not keep to ourselves. For it is meant to be passed on to others.

We need to have people who are strong, trained, courageous. These are the ones who must be able to imagine the impossible  and take their stand. They will actually see The Merciful Acts of God come through on their behalf. Throughout Scripture God's servants were anointed to receive His symbol poured out upon them. They were used in the Tabernacle, where the Presence of the Lord lives.  In The Ark, where the Covenant is made.  In The Instruments, where the tools are found. this implies to 'giftings'.  In their Lamp Stands, where oils burn all through the night. This is where they remain and maintain their positions. You will find The Utensils, these have  become fit for use.....The Holy Spirit's useful tool. Incenses, are created to become pleasing to the Lord. They are the ones who produce a pleasant perfume. And when it comes to The Burnt Offerings, these are the gifts presented to God.  While The Wash Basins become the cleansing agent from the past, present and future making vessels to hold the Water we have become a pedestal......a place to stand.

As leaders we need these mighty men surrounding us. I have a granddaughter who can bend a mighty bow and shoot a rifle on target.  It has taken her many years of training. Her fingers and her arms have gotten strong and used to this process of training so that when she puts herself in a tree stand, she does best what she was trained to do.

Keep well because today, the Lord is moving things. He is making a way. THE TABLE IS SET!

Much Love From Lady Di


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