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(Diane Hernandez (Lady DI) is on the Board of Directors of Psalm 19 Ministries and a writer of words of encouragment from our Lord’s heart). Enjoy! 

Staying  Focused!

"Shortly after the Covid-19 virus reached the State of South Carolina , an incident in Walmart really troubled me.  I noticed a customer wearing a large Cross. My first impression was, there's a Christian. He was speaking at length to the cashier about  his purchase. As he was getting his needs met, I heard the customer start to raise his voice and use foul language  towards her. How bad I felt for her. I really wanted to say something to him, if he should have passed my way. May we see this crisis - not only as a threat and disaster - but also as an opportunity to keep from our selfish ways and rely more on God to see us through.  May we also recognize that during this trying time it is a good opportunity to offer our thanks to those who serve us. To give encouragement and hope to those around in Leadership over us who are trying to protect us. May our Lord keep us focused on the Cross and the empty tomb, so we can gain new insight and appreciation for the wonderful way God uses all of us to offer the whole world forgiveness, power over evil, and life beyond the grave!!" Love to you all!

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