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All Psalm 19 courses are designed to provide a knowledge of the Book studied as well as provide experiences in the text with the Holy Spirit so lives are molded in His love and power. 


A complete Course Syllabus is here for complete understanding of the goals and purposes of the course. 

Online only.


This course will be an indepth, interactive, verse-by-verse, concept-by-concept of the following books of the New Testament: Colossians, 1&2 Thessalonians, 1&2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon and Jude. The overall emphasis is to know what the New Testament says about the work and character of the person who serves the Christian Kingdom as a public minister in any dimension and to experience those empowerments with the Holy Spirit. Modern books on leadership must never take the place of our knowledge of our Lord’s heart in reference to walking in the placement of a servant of His heart publically to others. We will listen, learn, and experience the Lord’s heart and power as we submit to His Word. 

If you are a “minister of the gospel” this course will renew your love and kindle your devotional life. Credential or lay ministers of any appointment and calling are most welcome and will benefit greatly from this course. 

To enroll - simply notify us by paying the first payment on your designated plan through PayPal below, then send us an email so we will have your email address and can begin to correspond with you with needed data and information. 

Welcome! It is and will be an awesome journey!

Institute: Empowered Ministry

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Institute: Empowered Ministry

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