Syllabus - Empowered Ministry Syllabus

 Psalm 19 Ministries’

Institute of Biblical Studies

Psalm 19 Ministries’ Institute of Biblical Studies seeks to transform lives through the study of the Bible exegetically with an emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s text as we receive it in His presence, breath, and power. Our courses are Institute level which are equivalent to undergraduate college work.

Empowered Ministry

(Spring Semester 2019)

 Class times: Tuesday 7 -9 pm – March 12 – June 4, 2018

Location: Bible Learning Center, 6138 S. Salina St., Syracuse, NY (Also available online).

Instructor: Rev. Iris Godfrey, Lead Pastor and Bible Teacher – Psalm 19 Ministries

Iris has studied with Lubbock Christian University, Eastern College of the Assemblies of God, and Biblical-Life College and Seminary. She began teaching Bible at age 15 in her father’s Sunday School. She has continued to do so in various venues and churches where she has been assigned. She currently has a TV program in the Syracuse, NY area, writes a blog at, and ministers the word in various churches in North America and Canada. She has taught through Psalm 19’s Institute of Biblical Studies since 2000. She is the author and designer of many of the Institute’s courses.

Phone: (315-396-0129) (Office hours: Noon-4 pm – Tuesday & Thursday - Always available by machine).



 ·      Textbooks:  The Bible. The text we will study is the NIV translation. However, we will look at various English translations and always study them in reference to available Greek texts.

 ·      Course Description: By completing this course (with prayer, reading, studying, and mediating with the truths of these eight books – Colossians, 1&2 Thessalonians, 1&2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Jude), it is expected that each student will become integrated and infused with its truths and be empowered to live and minister within and from a productive Spirit-filled life.

·      Learning Objectives:

a.     Students will be able to deepen their faith and apply it in their life expressions.

b.    Students will have a thorough knowledge of each of the 8 books and be able to apply and share that knowledge.

c.     Students will develop a sensitivity to learning through the Holy Spirit and then be able to study their Bible with that focus.

d.    Students will potentially change and be enriched in their lives and the lives of others as they live out these truths in their world.

 ·      Course Requirements and Evaluation: (Further data is in Student Notebook)

a.     Each student is expected to read the lesson’s text prior to the class.

b.     Each student is expected to complete the Student Involvement questions for each lesson.

c.     Each student is expected to pray through each passage studied.

d.     Each student is expected to write a 5-10-page research paper by the end of the class.

e.     Each student is expected to complete the Final Open Book Exam.

f.      When all the above work has been completed, turned in and graded, then a grade will be given.

 ·      Grading:

a.     Students are graded on their own ability. Since we are adults with varying academic backgrounds, (High School Graduate – PhD) our grading system takes in to account the student’s ability.

b.     Each student is challenged to move beyond their present academic understanding into the highest level possible.

c.     Each week’s Student Involvement section is graded as well as the term paper and final exam. The student’s final grade is dependent upon all of these grades. No final grade will be given until all items have been graded. 

 ·      Course Calendar:

March 12 – April 16

            Mid-term Break: April 23

May 1-June 5

 ·      Learning Resources:

a.     Online resources are always useful. is a free online Bible Program with many commentaries, handbooks, and Bible Study helps available. Each Student is encouraged to become acquainted with it, especially its interlinear Bibles.


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